Our Vision & Mission

We believe bamboo is the sustainable solution to reducing our reliance on using long standing trees for paper. Our mission is to expand access to sustainable tree free products.

Working With Us

For over 10 years, businesses have come to us for our expertise and commitment to quality, sustainability and dedicated customer service.

Sustainable Farm To Shelf Sourcing

From locally owned farms that supply our bamboo to plastic free packaging options; we’re committed to sourcing and producing bamboo products in an ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way.

Custom Specifications

From product concept to final product, we ensure your product needs are met. We can customize all product specifications.

Low Minimum Orders

We offer domestic warehousing services and the ability to make low minimum orders. We can source pallets locally by truck or containers directly from our plant.

North American Based

We are located in North America giving you the advantage of communicating during regular business hours and in English. Our Quality Control and Product Development team is located in Asia and liased with daily.

Our Services

Tree Free Sourcing is a leading global sourcing company of sustainable tree free products for private label & retailers. For over 10 years, customers have come to depend on us for our expertise, quality and customer service. We are experienced with North American CPG and ecommerce brands.

Sourcing & Production

We handle all services from product concept to sampling and all the way through the production process.

Private & Control Labels

Our customers range from established brands to entrepreneurs looking to form a new brand. We have expertise in both private and control label bamboo products.

Quality Control

Our quality control teams are local to the production facilities to ensure the end product meets our customers requirements.


Our facilities are vertically integrated with pulp. Our sourcing is done directly and not through 3rd party converters.

Shipping and Logistics

Our operations team makes the entire shipping process as easy as possible. We have teams located both in North America and Asia who handle both sides of the supply chain.  We offer freight forwarding, ocean freight, port clearance and local domestic trucking services.  Most of our customers prefer to use our services as they are not marked up and offer internal efficiencies to their private label operation.


We offer consistent reliability with warehousing, palletizing and delivery of products.  Our existing warehouse facilities are experienced and familiar with tree-free products, large volume shipments and are familiar with specific retailer requirements.  We do not drop ship.

Our Team

Our customer focused approach ensures stable, reliable manufacturing and high quality products that meet our customers needs.

Kevin Yu

Sourcing Director

Kevin is in charge of the circular supply chain and international transportation. In the past 10 years, Kevin has developed strong relationships with each major supplier including raw materials, pulp, parent roll, converting and final transportation. Quality, punctuality and competitive prices are the principles Kevin commits to all clients.

Sandra Stephan

Operations Manager

Sandra manages operations. She facilitates quotes, production orders, ocean freight, customs, and inland logistics to our partner brands. Sandra  brings over 7 years of experience with Tree Free Sourcing and manages hundreds of containers per year; ensuring order deadlines are met. Her excellent communication skills and outstanding quality of service ensures products are delivered to our customers expectations.

Wei Wu

Quality Control Manager

Wei is the Product Quality Control Specialist located in our manufacturing region in China. Wei ensures that all finished products meet our internal standards and customer requirements. Wei provides a whole inspection system based on USA MIL-STD-105 standard. This includes appearance inspection and physical property inspection. Wei tracks all internal factory production schedules on site to make sure all purchase orders are produced on time.