Working with Us

We have over 10 years experience in sourcing & manufacturing bamboo products for private label and retailers including CPG brands. Our commitment to customer service, quality and sustainability makes working with Tree Free Sourcing seamless.

Our Products

Tree free paper products made from bamboo.
Ethically & sustainably sourced and produced.

Ethical Farm to Shelf Sourcing

We’re committed to sourcing and producing bamboo products in an ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way. We source our bamboo from farms primarily owned by local farmers. Bamboo is harvested every 2 years and sold directly from the farms to our pulping company. Our pulping company carries FSC certification. Community initiatives are in place to enrich & grow local communities.

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Our Process

From product concept to final product, our team makes sourcing, production and delivery of your finalized bamboo products seamless.

Step 1

Discovery & Quote

We work with your team on product requirements & expectations to build out your product order details. Once finalized, you will receive a detailed quote.

Step 2

Design & Quote

We work with your design team on packaging design and art work submission requirements. Our development team will work with you to customize products, specifications and finalize packaging.

Step 3


Once the product, packaging and design are finalized we do a sample production. We inspect the sample and confirm the sample product is the same as expected on full production. Samples are shipped to you for review, provide feedback and sign off.

Step 4


Once your sample product is finalized and ready for production, we will repeat the review process with our factory to confirm all requirements or changes have been implemented. Next production begins.

Step 5

Shipping & Warehousing

Finalized products will be wrapped, packaged, crated & ready for shipping. Our services provide shipment to your warehouse location or to our warehousing facilities.